This is my third year working remotely and not from home. I think we have to make clear the difference between terms because a lot of recruiters and managers think that we want to work remote so we don’t leave home and don’t think about the freedom that comes with working remotely.

First of all, the freedom you get to decide your schedule, work at your own peace and to meet goals before hours.

Second, the freedom to dedicate time and priority to personal and family matters since working from an office oftens keeps us from spending valuable time with our loved ones or away from our hobbies.

Third is the freedom to stop having meetings every 20 minutes, nor the intrusive bosses that are questioning you all the time.

Fourth, the freedom to really focus in your work in the way you want and wherever you choose.

Fifth, freedom to put together a team that shares your vision and goals not limiting yourselves to a geographic zone.

A few years before working remotely I worked as a freelance, visiting hte client’s officce to show the progress or finishe work but I never felt the need to travel just to have the work done. I still feel that way.

Three years ago I was hired by a company in Mexico as a remote web developer and through the two years I worked there just 3 times I traveled to meet the clients, to know the goals for the project or to show work progress.

This year I started working remote for a Silicon Valley company, the methodology is the same, maybe a little more rigurous: brief daily meetings with the Product Manager, tracking activities using online tools, being explicit in your git commits and when it is needed, asking your doubts to your team members or higher ups.

Of course there ara other benefits in working remote: you don’t have to commute, think how much stress, money and time you save.

Hopefully more bosses and managers understand the benefits of working remotely. And if you think Yahoo was in the right, think where they are now.